At the base of the success of any hotel lies a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy. Our team contains experts in internet marketing and online distribution, plus sales representation.

Gazelle is a driving force in hotel sales representation and promotion for independent hotels. We offer our client hotels:

  • International Presence
  • Strong Online and Offline Reach

Through our network of sales representatives across Africa we can assist you in driving more business to your hotel. Whether you need to attract corporate travel, be included in the multi-nationals preferred hotel programs or be included in the principal tour operator brochures, Gazelle can support your hotel with sales representation.

With our local representative presence in the UAE,UK, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania, we have access to thousands of corporate travel buyers, IATA travel agents, tour operators, incentive houses, meeting and conference planners, and – not least – the headquarters operations of many international companies and national organizations. We will basically function as a local extension of your sales and marketing team, at a fraction of the cost of full company presence.

We will conduct personal sales visits to travel agencies, business travel management companies or the Managing Director’s PA – on a regular and consistent basis, to build long term relationships. Industry sectors are not limited to hi-tech, software, manufacturing, fashion, banking, pharmaceutical, financial or communications. We have the aim to place your hotel on the Preferred Listings for all such sectors’ corporate programs.

Market Feasibility Studies

Our specific Market Feasibility Studies is unique, providing you with key information helping you qualify new market opportunity, including the competitive landscape, unique barriers of entry for your products, and distribution/sales channel options. A market feasibility analysis is used to determine what type of business or industry would be most appropriate for a specific location. This analysis uses several tools to determine feasibility.

We design tools to assess and study is to understand the market and determine whether there is enough demand to make the venture successful. This can be through Stakeholder In-Depth Interviews, Demographic Assessment and Trend Analysis, Quantitative Survey, Competitive Assessment and Demand Model/Estimates with Recommendation.