Where Serenity Flourishes And Plastics Vanish!

Get a feel of tranquility, luxury and sustainability as you take one eco-conscious
decision at a time

Great Experience at Gazelle Hospitality Guest House

Our Sustainability Pledge

“We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint with the use of zero plastic, embracing biodegradable materials, and designing with nature’s elements. A stay at our guest house is a reminder of how we can all preserve the planet for future generations. We strive to create unforgettable experiences for our guests but never at the expense of nature’s beauty. Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond mere words; it’s deeply ingrained in our daily operations.”

What Should I Expect?

Natural Interior Design

The heart of our sustainability efforts lies in our interior design. You’ll find that our hotel’s décor is a testament to our love for nature. Our furnishings and ornaments are crafted from reclaimed wood. We take pride in creatively using natural elements such as bamboo, and fiber to create a tranquil and eco-conscious ambiance.


We are proud to unveil our unwavering commitment to sustainable hospitality for
now and years to come

Enlightened Guests

Your stay at our guest house is a chance to become a steward of the environment as we enlighten you on the beauties of conservation and sustainable tourism.

Eco-Empowered Team

We empower our team members to be eco-champions, encouraging them to contribute ideas that elevate our sustainability endeavors.

Ever-Evolving Commitment

Our approach to environmental sustainability is always evolving to ensure we adapt and enhance our efforts, always staying ahead in the sustainability game.

Transparent Sustainability

We track all energy consumption, water usage, and waste production across our property. Rigorous audits and evaluations ensure we meet and exceed our reduction objectives

Waste Wisdom

Waste management isn’t just a necessity; it’s our duty which is why we go the extra mile with recycling efforts and recycling food waste into nutrient-rich compost.

Gazelle Hospitality Guest House

Gwayambadde Close,
Kyeitabya Bukasa-Muyenga
Kampala – Uganda

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